Important Message Regarding Dark Mode for Canvas

Hi there. I am Marissa, the developer for the Dark Mode for Canvas web extension. Due to an increase in my workload, the extension will likely not receive updates for the time being. While there is currently a redesign of the extension that is in the works, there is no guarantee this will be completed anytime soon.

That being said, if you are looking for alternative options to Dark Mode for Canvas due to unfixed bugs or your organization being unsupported, I highly encourage you to check out the Dark Reader extension, which allows dark mode not just for Canvas but also for any other website you may want. I am not associated with Dark Reader, this is just a personal recommendation of mine. Check it out below.

I hope to be able to come back to working on the extension as soon as possible, and certainly will have time over the summer to continue the redesign. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the extension, reported bugs, and gave personal feedback. It has been very much appreciated.

In the meantime, the extension is not going anywhere! You can still download it from all the usual places. See the links below for more details.


Other Browsers

To use the extension on the following browsers, it will require a bit of setup.

The Safari extension is purely experimental and will not receive updates as often.

It also requires you to import the source code into Xcode, so I encourage only those who know what they are doing to install it.

Source Code

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